Elitebuyer's Design Services address four specific areas and act as information gathering sessions to understand your current environment and business
challenges, to begin the process of reaching your ultimate technology goals. Our expertise revolves around the Data Center, Server and Storage, Convergence
and Software to optimize performance, mitigate risk and maximize the value of IT to your business. These services include:
Design Proof of Concept

Effectively demonstrates how a certain product or technology is viable and capable of solving your company's specific challenges.
Infrastructure Design Services

Proper planning and design are critical to ensure performance. Resiliency and scalability are carefully considered and architected.
Operational and Strategic Planning

As a subset of the strategic work plan, this describes short-term ways of achieving milestones and explains how, or what portion of, a strategic plan
will be implemented during a given period.

Elite Deployment Planning

Elite develops and maintains the plans required to initially deploy, maintain and develop the operational system in accordance with your schedule
and priorities.